Jun 4, 1994

Getting Ready to Move


Getting ready to move, Xavier put his single bed mattress in the dining area/study, standing upright against the wall. Shelby took one look, climbed up and perched on top, so she could have perfect viewing of her bird friends.

When Keli saw this, since she has no claws, she was very frustrated and tried to leap up directly to the top.

Shelby wasn't the slightest disturbed. Keli gave up in disgust and went to pout on my bed. Shelby couldn't figure out how to climb off the mattress though and came down face forward, which was very awkward for her. She realized we were laughing at her "gracefulness" and she made it a point to climb down backward from that point on.

Keli and Shelby occasionally will come face to face with one another in a doorway and neither one will back down so they can pass by. So they stare at each other, hurl a few hissing insults at one another and pretend to attack. There's a lot of paw slapping on the floor about 3 inches from each other. Shelby never extends her claws in these episodes. She could take one serious clawed strike at Keli and that would be the end of it. Since Keli is so insistent on establishing her superior position as the alpha cat, I frequently remove her to my room so everyone can co-exist in peace.

Skylar has let me pet him often and rubs against my legs when I'm seated. Then I pet him a while. He rolls onto his back like a kitten to have his belly tickled, but it must be done just so, otherwise, he hits me with his paws and we play. I don't want to encourage rough play until we are all bonded better so I just rub under his chin and he turns into contentment... the dead cat look.

Sylar shares his window occasionally with Shelby and Boo. He does most of his pacing on the sill in the evenings when he presumes creatures of the night are out there. At these times he would rather have the window to himself as he seems to feel he is on guard.

Keli sneaked up behind him and when he turned around to come back she met him halfway. They faced off, stared each other down, gave polite growls, but neither would give their ground. So they laid there nearly nose to nose in a staring contest softly whining at each other.

Suddenly Keli squinted her eyes and Skylar bounded off the window ledge as tho he'd ben struck by lightning.

I wonder what she said to him.

Not too long after, Keli was bored with the ownership of the window and climbed down. By this time Skylar was on the massage table giving Shelby a bath... washing her face.

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