Jun 3, 1994

Cat Babysits other Cats

Skylar, Buddha and Shelby, all peaceably stayed together overnite in the LR, Kitchen, dining area. Keli slept with me in the bedroom, of course.

I put small paper cups on shelf with water in them so that Shelby would leave the birds alone. If she gets near the birds, she would have to bump into the cups which would tip over and she would get the water shock treatment that most cats hate. How many times can that happen before the cat decides to leave the birds alone?

In the morning several cups were on the floor and Shelby was lying cosily on a chair nearby, licking her wet fur, and carefully birdwatching.

Skylar shows no interest in birds except yesterday when I was cleaning cages and one flew out right beneath his nose. Sky would have flown right after the bird if he could have. But by this time all four cats were on bird alert.

Thank heavens, birdie was easy to catch... for me, that is.

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