Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened

Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened


Happy Cat Lady

Happy Cat Lady

Apr 18, 2012

Ninja's Tummy Better

Now that I'm feeling better, I thort I'd write and let Mom have a break. She needs it, those other lazy cats have kept her busy all day with their demands.

First, Buffy rolled all over her this morning when she was trying to sleep. She's funny that way. Mom wants to give her petting when she's up and awake, but Buffy snubs her. Then, when Mom is all helpless and sleeping, that's when Buffy decides she wants her loving. Funny thing is, I think it's because Mom has a REALLY LOUD PURR when she's sleeping. So, maybe Buffy thinks it's time for a purring fest. Purrsonally, I find it quite annoying and leave the room when Mom gets that noisy! I can't blame her, though. Try as she might, she simply is NOT a cat!

Then, Timmy trails Mom into the baffroom insisting on attenshun when Mom has important purrsonal stuff to do. We all think he's crazy. Who wants to sit on the edge of that big porcelain pond filled with water while Mom is in there? None of us but that silly Timmy! He says it's the only alone time he can get with her. But, that's a fib. He's snuggled up to her right this minute. Let's face it. Timmy was a slough kitten before he was rescued, so he thinks it's natural to hang out at the edge of all that dangerous water!

Queen Bambi keeps Mom busy with all her royal requirements. Mom does NOT allow any fur on top of the fish tank. But, Bambi is always challenging her on that. Bambi jumps up. Mom puts her down. Just as soon as Mom is busy with something else, Bambi jumps up again. And so on and so forth. Bambi has her reasoning, which I'm sure she will tell you about later. I'm not allowed to speak for HRH (unless she makes a decree for me to make an announcement).

Now the important stuff! I want to thank effurrybody fur all your well wishes, good purrs and head bumps during my recent ailment. Truly, I am feeling much better. No more of that up-chucking! And Mom gives me a little squirt of tuna flavored medicine to settle my tummy she got speshully made just for me by the furmacist at the Compounding Furmacy. I was gonna put a link, but they don't have a website. Guess they are too busy making good kitty medicine.

And thank you to my wunnerful Monk fur bringing me the get well flowers! Mom says I don't look very happy about them. She's right. Does anybody ever think of bringing in a big bouquet of catnip? But, I can't complain about the roasted chicken I have been dining on all week, so I wont say anything grumpy about them flowers.

Apr 8, 2012

Miss Handling Cat Paws

This is Buffy da Bampire Flayer. If she weren't all tired out from flaying bampires she would flay me with her many claws. So, whilst she sleeps, let's take a look at her polydactyl paws.

Apr 6, 2012

Ninja's Tummy

Ninja's Vet has called to tell me that Ninja does not have kidney disease.

He does have one enlarged kidney and one shrunken kidney but apparently the enlarged kidney is functioning.

I wonder if other kitties out there have the same??

Ninja does not have diabetes and does not have thyroid disease.

All that is good news, and we are all happy about that. But, we still don't know what has caused his vomiting and huge amount of weight loss.

We have decided to feed extra food to Ninja separately, in the kitchen. He has full access to his regular dry food, Blue Buffalo. But now he has a couple spoonsfull of specialty wet food, too.

I asked the Vet what else the problem could be. He said that cats have tummy problems just like people do, stomach ulcers, for example.

Perhaps this is Ninja's problem. So, he has ordered Zantac for him to take daily, also known as Ranitidine.

Since he weighs so little, he cannot take Zantac for people and has to have a specialty compound pharmacist to create his medicine.

Fortunately, Ninja likes the flavor and allows me to give it to him without a struggle.

I have been giving Ninja his medicine for almost a week.

He is having less episodes of vomiting. So, I am hoping it is working and he will get better.