Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened

Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened


Happy Cat Lady

Happy Cat Lady

Nov 19, 1989

Cat Allergy

Taking Gypsy to the vet soon to have her spayed, as the kittens are pretty much weaned.

Keli was first to wean herself. Amazing because she has always been so little and has never caught up on the size of the other kittens

Gypsy is so allergic to fleas she has eaten the fur right off her legs.

Telephone Cat

Martin Wilcox called. His sister is the very same woman who adopted Mickey, my Birman cat, from me last year at this time. We had a nice talk, though Keli kept meowing at me trying to get my attention.

He thanked me for saving his life when he was so depressed. We met in a bookstore. Both of us looking at psychology books, and began a conversation. It wasn't long before I understood what he was contemplating. He wasn't concerned about himself. Thought he would leave his family better off. I didn't try to appeal to his emotions, but discussed all the legal issues with him, instead. It would leave his family penniless. Insurance wouldn't pay if he went through with what he was thinking.

Keli climbed up my pant legs when we were talking and sat on my lap purring the whole time.

I was glad to hear he was feeling better. He'd bought some of the books we talked about, plus got some help.

As soon as he hung up she jumped down. It's almost like she knew.  ...Odd!

Nov 16, 1989

Cat Snow Dance



I was very late in picking up X from school.

The traffic was the worst I have ever seen. The roads not plowed.

When we got home, even though I stomped them clean, Magic tried to lick the snow off my shoes.

The wind came through the door as we entered. Keli pranced around as though she was dancing.

Nov 14, 1989

Vet Visit

Took cats to the vet today.

They were surprised to learn that Magic has taken over mothering duties. He jumps into the box with the kittens the minute Gypsy leaves it. He washes them and nuzzles them. And, would you believe? He lets them nurse upon his nipples!

Well, he is the Papa after all!

Nov 6, 1989

Chlorine Kitty

Went to Jordan YMCA today and joined the arthritis swim class.
MWF 1:30 pm.

Just exactly what I need!

It was odd. When I came home with the smell of chlorine in my damp hair, Keli went nuts standing on my shoulder, sniffing my hair, trying to chew on it.

Can't figure out why she would do that!!

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