Aug 10, 2016

Cats Hogging the Bed

Where do I fit on my bed? 

I slide in on the edge where Sunny and Timmy are, then gently push my behind toward those same interlopers. They shove over unwillingly and sometimes just get up and get onto the same spot on the blanket they were already occupying on TOP of ME! 

That's about 40 pounds of cats!!! 

No wonder I wake up all achy! But to be fair, they don't stay there all night. Usually after they get some pets and treats they leave the bed. Sometimes I can't figure out where they are hiding all night long. But, by morning they are back to climb over me to wake me up. Just like real kids!

Sunny-Boy on the bottom left. Pinky above him. Georgie above right and Timmy, bottom right.

My cats get along amazingly well. I introduced Timmy as a kitten to adult Bambi in 2009. She mothered him until he became an obnoxious teenager, when I introduced kitten Buffy who Timmy adopted. They were playmates for about a year. They are no longer close, but tolerate each other just fine. They cross each other's path and only Buffy gives a grouchy growl. She doesn't seem to like anyone. But, she is a calico after all. And they have a reputation for being cantankerous!

Then, there were two kittens who lived with us for a few months, no longer with us, that Timmy adopted and loved on.

Then, Ninja (the second), a black cat who was added to the menagerie. He was easily acclimated. He'd had previous contact with a lot of other pets in his two years.

Then I adopted Sunny-Boy. Being so quasi-feral, he became Ninja's best buddy and love interest. (Yes, cats can be gay).

But, Ninja got outside one day and never came back. The animal control had picked up his body about a week later. My heart was broken, and Sunny missed his buddy so much. He would meow for him at night out in the catio. Almost as if he were calling for him.

Eventually he settled down. But still he does a little bit of calling, now and then. He carries around a little stuffed animal when he does that.

So Sunny began to relate to Timmy and mothered the new bottle-baby kittens I adopted last October, one of which was Pinky. The following week I rescued Georgie off the street after he was thrown from a car window right in front of me! Since he was sick I had to keep him in the bathroom for months.

The other kids tolerate him quite well. Though, Sunny gently smacks him on the head when he has no manners and is too intrusive,. Then Georgie lies down and rolls over for him to apologize. Then maybe he will get a forgiving lick on the face from Sunny. Pinky loves him as a brother and they play all the time. Though Georgie is about two months older than Pinky, he is outweighed by several pounds. Pinky is such a chubby boy!

Timmy nuzzles and licks Pinky now, and so does Sunny and Georgie. He's still everybody's baby. Unlike some cat households, I think it is just luck that they all get along so well. Or maybe it's just the careful way I slowly introduce them. I never have flying fur, except from Timmy who sheds enough for all six cats!

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