Sep 10, 2015

Something's Fishy

It’s been a busy day watching our dozen or so entertaining friends swimming in the Fish Tank! We were frightened a bit last week when CatMom started emptying out all the water. What was she going to do with our fishies? But, the Monk came to the rescue and brought in another temporary home for them, while the large tank was emptied.

I enjoy counting them, but always get confused! There are more than twelve, I am sure! Maybe less than 20. The new borrowed aquarium is so lovely! We, all three of us, cannot fit together in front of it, like we did on the bench that was in front of the larger aquarium. The Monk and CatMom emptied the big one completely now and we are sad to see it go. They said something about a leak. But the fishies don't seem to mind their new smaller home.

My favorite fish is the Oranda. I named her Splash! She has a huge red hat she wears atop her head. It is difficult to tell how she stays afloat! She seems so top heavy. The Monk says he is going to make fresh sushi, and we all get very interested. But, I know he is just joking around.

HRH Queen Bambi

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The Island Cats said...

That's some pawsome Fish TV you have.