Jan 27, 2015

Orange Marmalade Ginger Boy

This is Sunny Boy. His cat mom recently died. He previously was a feral. She tricked him into coming into her house when he was eight months old, and he adjusted. Not entirely tame as he cannot be picked up.

Now he is very traumatized because she is gone, strangers were invading his space, packing up things and moving furniture. 

He has now come to live with me. I've put him in a four-foot cage so he can feel safe. Fortunately, he is responding to my visits, though quite shy. Best part of my day was finally getting some winks and a tiny meow out of him. 

Maybe tomorrow he will venture out of his carrier, where he continues to hide, so that he can watch the birds out the window and see my other cats when they enter their catio. 

I'm hoping his transition into my home and with my other cats will be successful. Isn't he handsome? Sorry, not a good picture.

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