Oct 5, 2014

Cat Refuses To Go Outside!

Hi, dis is Timmy writing. When I got out of the house dat time fur nine too many days,  I thot I was gonna be alone furrever! Ya might say it wuz my own fault fur pushin' da door open and gettin' out. But, in my own deefence, I jus gotta say, it weren't all me.

Da door latch thingy-bopper thing was loose. I dint know it wus loose. I wuz just watchin' da birdies outside, cuz dey wuz eatin' da bird seed out there. I stood up so I could see dem better and whoops!!! Da door open like majick!

Well dat scared the heck outta all dem birdies and dey flew every which way. Den dat scared da heck outta me too and I ranned every which way too!

I dint know which way ta run furst. I wanted ta run with da birdies, but dey be flyin' and I don't has no wings ta foller dem up high. But I can leap high. So dat what I did. I leaped high up on da fence. Den I saw birdies over there somewhere, so I went after dem birdies on da udder side of da fence.

I had a really good time at furst. But, I wuz also kinda nervous and scared. I'm dat way naturally ya know. Dat's why my name is Timmy da Timid! Of course.

So, before ya knowed it. I was lost.

Timmy da Timid no go outside! Nope! Never!
Dat's when I went and hid in that old building. It looked a lot just like my own garage, but once I got inside I unnerstood it weren't mine. But, hey. I wuz so tired, I jus' had ta take a nap before I went home. But, somebody come along and shut dat door. I was stuck inside there for too many many furrever days!

Since I been back home, I not feelin very good. CatMom, she taking good care of me. Finally, I can eat now. I getting my handsome figure back in shape. But, sometimes my eye gets all sore. CatMom say I still too nervy. I think I da same old me. But now her getting dat catio built and she wants ta put music out dere for us cats to help us reelax.

I don't think I ever wants to go outside evver again!!! Music or no music! Ain't no music gonna make me reelax if I'm outside da house!!


The Island Cats said...

You're better off inside anyways, Timmy. Outside isn't what it's cracked up to be. :)

Elizabeth Munroz said...

You're right Island Cats. Timmy will learn the catio is safe and he will be happy.

Anonymous said...

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Purrfect Haven said...

stick it inside, my dears:-) Happy New Year! Love Helen, Darcy, Bing and Fred xxxx