Nov 6, 2012

Detective Pinkerton of Santa Cruz, California

Pinky Cat of Santa Cruz a few days after adoption.
He is on top of his little brother, Shadow.
I still wonder where you are, Pinky. I worry how it was for you at the shelter. I know they gave you the medical treatment you needed. I wish I could have paid for it and kept you. But, at least the shelter people kept you instead of releasing you back into the wild. After all you had been a found feral kitten at age 5 weeks.

I was told you were fine. Was it an adventure for you? I can imagine it was, my little guy. I understand you adjusted well, you loved and were loved. You were quite the lovey boy! You were always right out there ready to take on the world, investigating everything. You were afraid of nothing!

Ninja would growl at you, but that wasn't a problem.All the other cats gave way to Ninja! But, you just walked right up to him and stuck your nose in his face as if to say "how do ya do". I never saw you back down once. You were so outgoing! I understand that is because you were your mama's first born. That's also why we gave the name, "Shadow" to your brother. You led the way and he followed you, like a shadow.

They lost their feral mom cat so young.
They nursed on whatever they could... usually me.
I was told your brother didn't fare so well as you did at the shelter. Shadow was very frightened, hid in the back of the cage and hissed at anyone who came near him and clawed anyone who tried to hold him. Still, he got the medical treatment he needed too. You both had Giardia.

Rather than return Shadow to the wild, or put him to sleep because he was "too feral" to be adopted, the shelter people offered for me to keep your brother. Of course I said yes. I wasn't sure if Shadow would be the same. Would he be wild and untame because of his experiences in the shelter? But, I love him, too. Do you miss your brother?

My heart aches for you Pinky of Santa Cruz. I shall always call you that in the hopes that some day whoever adopted you will read this blog and know you had loving care. And if by any chance whatsoever that they need to find a new home for you, perhaps they will let me know.


Marilia said...

I hope they find forever and lovely homes!

Elizabeth Munroz said...

Thank you Marilia. Shadow is forever with me. Pinky has a new home.

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Oh I can't help feeling sad too that dear little Pinky had to go. I wish circumstances could have been different for you and Pinky. xx

Elizabeth Munroz said...

Thank you for your understanding. It means a lot to me. I wish it had been different too. It has helped me to make a decision to not let go ever again no matter what the vet bills cost.