Jun 17, 2008


Keli is an 18 year old neutered calico female. Up until about age seven there has always been at least one other cat in her life. Then a period of years went by as a single cat. She has been both an outdoor (occasionally) and indoor cat. Presently, she will step outside the door to sniff the live catnip, lay in the sun a few moments and come back in. She has no interest in balls, stuffed animals or other self play toys as she once did, and has little interactive play with any feather or long snake-like (her favorite) toys, except for laying on her side and batting at them a couple times, then she ignores them.

She still likes to be picked up and cuddled like a baby. She seems happiest with this.

I am very well aware she has arthritic changes in her sacro-illac joints and spine near the tail, which were diagnosed last year. the vet ordered pain medicine for her which makes her foam at the mouth, and she will fight to the death not to take in any way. He had also ordered prednisone and aspirin

sclerosis of spine narrowing the bridge L-Sacral. degenerative disease in the elbows. (hips and stifles were ok.) Stifles? she has small left kidney.

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