Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened

Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened


Happy Cat Lady

Happy Cat Lady

Dec 27, 2013

Lion Pillow Bed Fit for a Prince

We have been playing Musical Beds, challenging each other constantly.

Timmy has a round pillow bed (with a Lion head!) that he curls up on. CatMom and Kats bought it for him for Christmas.
I understand why. Every one of us has our own special bed, but Timmy only had the space on top of the fish tank to call his own. Though it is warm, it has no softy-ness!

Still... I know the lion pillow is really Timmy's special bed. But, as the Queen, I should have had first dibs on it!

At first, we were all over it every chance we got. Shadow sniffed it up one side and down the other. I've tried it out a number of times. As long as Timmy was asleep somewhere else, we got away with it. Why he doesn't just sleep on it all the time, now that he has it? I haven't figured out!

But Buffy gets nervous if Timmy just opens his eyes. She flies!! It's not that she's scared of him. She's just a flighty cat! Silly Girl!

But, not me! I stand my ground until Timmy gets up to chase me! Then I slip away under the bed and wait! And I come out later when he isn't looking.

Though, now I have been able to sneak up on him and lie down beside him when he is on his lion pillow bed. So, maybe, just maybe, he will relinquish it to me soon.

Maybe if I dub him Prince, he will do the honorable thing and move on over to make room for Her Royal Highness... Me! Looks like I have a chance. See how he's reaching out to me as if to welcome me?

Dec 24, 2013

Bambi's Birth Announcement

Bambi made it a point to remind me of her birthday today, Christmas Eve. Yesterday she sneaked out the front door by pushing it open and running outside to roll in the dirt. Of course, when she does this, I have no way to coax her home. She's too smart for that.

Following her through the neighborhood only encourages her to roam further as she knows I "have her back". So, as much as it distresses me. I have to just stay in the house nice and calm waiting for her to come home... a nearly impossible task, since it makes me even more distressed pretending that I'm not at all freaked out!

Usually it doesn't take long. There's no thrill if I'm not out there giving her a fun run for the money. She ran around the side of the house, leaped the fence. (OMC! Queen Pudgeball can still leap the fence!) and headed out into the back yard so she could get to the back door by way of the gazebo. Unfortunately, a neighbor cat, Mr. Poppet was sitting there minding his own business (he does that a lot) when Miss Sassy Pants came along. Oh boy, was he ever interested! And she has nothing to get interested about! And she wasn't going to give him the time of day! Bambi made a beeline for the back door and came right in.

Certainly not the end of the story.

Now began the ablutions. She's not an easy cat to bathe. Sort of like washing a turkey in the sink, except the turkey is alive and struggling with sleek, slinky wet fur. So, the best I could do was use a wash cloth to get most of the grime off. After I let her go, she finished the job herself. Thank heavens. And she does it in such a grandiose way, it is clear to me that she believes I have done it all wrong and I should have left her to wash herself... by herself... in the first place. How dare I do otherwise? No wonder she gave me a hard time squirming!

Afterwards she joyfully grabbed up the sock that has the calming kitty hormones inside of it, and dragged it through the house like she would one of her kittens. She sang MomCat Birthing Songs to it very loudly and drove us all nuts. Then, it dawned on me.... cats giving birth sounds.... Birth... Bambi's Birthday! Of course!!!

Queen Bambi Moonrose of Carita Court in the realm of Watsonville California, USA is now six years old! We shall do something special for her today!