Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened

Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened


Happy Cat Lady

Happy Cat Lady

Aug 30, 1989

No Sleep for the Wicked

Sunday August 30

Gypsy punished us all night by pouncing HARD across our bodies.

Several times, she sat hard on me.

Aug 29, 1989

Flea Guilt

Tues Aug 29

Went to Osco and picked up very much needed supplies for house and cats. The Vet had pointed out how urgent it was when we took Magic to the vet for de-fleaing. He had a bad case. Then later went over to KK's to put ear mite medicine in Moonlight's ears and give her some stool softener.

This evening we de-fleaed Gypsy. I thought it too early after the birthing, but Vet insisted it is okay. Took her into the bathroom and powdered her three times over. She was very unhappy about it, as I had been bathing her kittens in the kitchen sink, and she was already upset about that.

I felt so sorry that we had to put her through this. But, they were just so INFESTED! It happened so fast, like overnight!

Beardsley, the gray one with the little white beard. He seems to have lost his umbilical cord in the bath. He bled. I feel so bad that I have brought this suffering upon them. It just breaks my heart.

Aug 27, 1989

Miracle Birth

Sunday, Aug 27

Dead kitten in womb is not dead!!!

It's born and it's a calico! Just like I dreamed!

I had planned on naming her Clementine because that song keeps going through my head. "Oh my Darling, Clementine". But, I think I will name her after the vet who gave Gypsy the pitocin shot to expel the "dead kitten", he said.

Unwittingly, he saved her life (and Gypsy's). I don't recall his name, Dr. Madison or something. I think. I will have to call on Monday to ask.

Aug 26, 1989

Mama Alone

Saturday Aug 26

3 kittens are born while I am away from home. 2 black one gray

I hadn't seen any signs. She sure had them fast.