Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened

Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened


Happy Cat Lady

Happy Cat Lady

Dec 24, 2014

Be Careful Christmas

Please be careful of the tree decorations all fellow cat lovers

Healthy Cassie Cat did not eat and Christmas decorations

Last year, a friend's cat chewed on everything. The cat had an expensive surgery and nearly lost her life after she chewed the tree. When they operated they took out lots of tinsel and the small green tree spines. The vet said it happens every year and real tree pine needles are just as dangerous, as they can get caught in the lining of the intestine and create scar tissue. Have a safe and Happy Catmas everyone!

Dec 16, 2014

Santa's Little Helper

This is Keli. She lived nearly 20 years with me.

The local shelter in Indianapolis had a fundraiser so we could have pets with Santa pictures taken for the price of a donation to the shelter. This was taken when she was still quite young, about 1990. She wasn't afraid of standing in line with all the dogs and kitties or being handled by the bearded man in red. I wonder now why they didn't have a separate day for cats and a separate day for dogs and other pets. And I think what a great way to raise funds, but I know of no other places that do this

Oct 5, 2014

Cat Refuses To Go Outside!

Hi, dis is Timmy writing. When I got out of the house dat time fur nine too many days,  I thot I was gonna be alone furrever! Ya might say it wuz my own fault fur pushin' da door open and gettin' out. But, in my own deefence, I jus gotta say, it weren't all me.

Da door latch thingy-bopper thing was loose. I dint know it wus loose. I wuz just watchin' da birdies outside, cuz dey wuz eatin' da bird seed out there. I stood up so I could see dem better and whoops!!! Da door open like majick!

Well dat scared the heck outta all dem birdies and dey flew every which way. Den dat scared da heck outta me too and I ranned every which way too!

I dint know which way ta run furst. I wanted ta run with da birdies, but dey be flyin' and I don't has no wings ta foller dem up high. But I can leap high. So dat what I did. I leaped high up on da fence. Den I saw birdies over there somewhere, so I went after dem birdies on da udder side of da fence.

I had a really good time at furst. But, I wuz also kinda nervous and scared. I'm dat way naturally ya know. Dat's why my name is Timmy da Timid! Of course.

So, before ya knowed it. I was lost.

Timmy da Timid no go outside! Nope! Never!
Dat's when I went and hid in that old building. It looked a lot just like my own garage, but once I got inside I unnerstood it weren't mine. But, hey. I wuz so tired, I jus' had ta take a nap before I went home. But, somebody come along and shut dat door. I was stuck inside there for too many many furrever days!

Since I been back home, I not feelin very good. CatMom, she taking good care of me. Finally, I can eat now. I getting my handsome figure back in shape. But, sometimes my eye gets all sore. CatMom say I still too nervy. I think I da same old me. But now her getting dat catio built and she wants ta put music out dere for us cats to help us reelax.

I don't think I ever wants to go outside evver again!!! Music or no music! Ain't no music gonna make me reelax if I'm outside da house!!

Sep 25, 2014

What to Do After Your Lost Cat Comes Home

Princess Royale
Buffy da Bampire Flayer
This is da Princess Royale... Buffy da Bampire Flayer bloggin' taday. I got some news for ya.

Rember when my brudder, Timmy da Timid, ran away from home last month?(Okay... him say him dint get runned away. Him jus' aksadentally gots out da back door and gots scared. Then he run away!) Rember when dat happen? And rember how hard it was on CatMom. Her has da bad blood cancer, Leukemia. It makes her so tired. She could only lie down on da bed and worry 'bout Timmy.

Oh, yes, we was worried too.  Me and da royal Hi-ness Queen Bambi was lying on the bed with CatMom to comfort her and gives her healin' vibes all da time. That way she could go outside and try ta find dat lost Timmy for short times.

But, it took Timmy 9 days ta come home. And he was so sick.
He gotted all skinny, and him fur weren't shiny no more, and him eyes all sunken in. And he din't have no water in his body and he had to go see da VET! And da VET had ta, put more water into him for two days and it costed a lots of money for CatMom. Then she had ta take me an Queen Bambi ta da VET, too. Make sure we dint get exposed to any dizeases from Timmy and we gots shots and flea baths. Dat was a big waist, cuz we ended up with fleas anyhoo, cuz Timmy brot dem fleas home wif him! Itchy!

So now, CatMom gonna get a Catio built. Our CatDaddy, da Monk was gonna build it for us. Him started it, but him had ta go into da hospital to the purrson VET (they calls 'em doctors) and he had ta have him neck cut into, and we don't see him no more. And he cant come over, and him can't build da Catio.

But, CatMom she cant stand it no more. She so scared one of us gonna get out again, like da original Dowager Queen (Keli) did and got killed by a naughty dawg from before I was bornt.

Example of a Catio
Borrowed from Highland Beach Condos Site.
So, she gonna pay somebody ta build da Catio. That way she don't have so many VET bills. I likes dat, cuz I don't like da VET! Queen Bambi is so happy about this, cuz she LOVES ta go outside. And Timmy is happy cuz he want to be safe to go outside, but not get lost and sick.

Me? I not sure if I wants to be outside in da Catio or not. But, CatMom, she da happiest of all. But, she worry how much moneys it gonna cost her. She say it worth it, because we is her precious furbabies, and she make sacrifices no matter what for us. CatMom LOVES us so much! So, maybe I will like da Catio, after all.

Sep 19, 2014

Cat Growls!

Buffy is a cat with extra toes.
Today, Buffy announced to CatMom that someone had driven into the driveway. She had been curled up on the bed, snoozing.

We all have acute hearing. Queen Bambi and I also heard the truck drive up. Bambi went to the window to take a look, and I went underneath the couch to hide. But, it was Buffy who woke right up and growled out loud. In fact she growled twice!

It was enough to make CatMom pay attention. She realized though Buffy appeared to be asleep, she was very alert!

I might point out that Buffy is a smart kitty. She's got more sense than to get up and go running to the door and bark like a dog. She knew CatMom would get up and go take a look. CatMom has us cats all figured out. And there was the new visitor, CatMom's friend, John Pianavilla who came to the house last week and measured up the space in the backyard just off the big sliding glass doors where we like to look out at the birds every day. We wonder what he was doing there.

But, we had a surprise tonight! We were all snuggled down on the bed with CatMom watching the TV.

Can you see how disturbed her royal highness is about the growl!
 All of a sudden we heard a very big and long growling!

Buffy and I looked at each other.

We knew it wasn't us. And we knew it certainly wasn't Bambi who did that deep long growl. Because Bambi jumped up from her spot all upset.

She had been laying on CatMom's belly and she could hear the growling loudest of us all. Pretty scarey for us all!

CatMom laughed at us for being so alarmed. SHE was the one who was growling! Or... actually, I should point out... it was her belly!!!

This is Timmy da Timid reporting.

Sep 10, 2014

Flea Bath Horrors

Princess Royale, Buffy da Bampire writes: Because of Timmy comin' home all loaded wif fleas, it wasn't long B4 Queen Bambi and I were itching and scratching too. Den, of corse, CatMom taked us all to the VET and we getted baths. Yes, Baths!!!! It is hew-mew-liating and mortifying! I shudder when I think of it! I've spent all week trying to get my furs all rearranged how they belong.
CatMom and Princess Buffy

Of corse I'm mad at Timmy! I mean, dat's my right as the Princess Royale. Isn't it?

When he was lost I had my ryt to the throne guar-ant-eed. I had best snuggle spot in da left arm-pit of CatMom. And Queen Bambi had da ryte one.

Den da prodigal prince come bak home and I hafta let go of my in-hair-itance? What? I don't think so, bruther!

Okay! Okay! Well, now dat yoo all know and.... I am sure... unnerstand my purrsition, I will tell yoo how mag-nan-i-mouse I am being purr-zently. I even letted Timmy do da nose to nose wif me yestaday. And when him jumpt on da bed, I purr-tended I dint even notice. Behav-yor be-coming dis princess, I assure yoo!

Timmy finallee smells lyke one of our clowder again. So, I can accept dat he belongs here, but I still not so sure I want ta share my CatMom wif him, 'speshally since her is pampurring Timmy so much since he camed home.
Buffy the Pillow Cat Marks Her Spot
So, when him's watching da humming-birds at da feeders, I just moves into da middle of da bed up dere between da pillows where CatMom sleeps, and I stays dere all day, just ta make sure Timmy gets da message about who belongs where!

That guarantees my purrsition, and reminds Timmy that him is not yet off the hook, entirely.

What's fair is fair. Ryte?

When TImmy was Little

Sep 9, 2014

Judge Me Not

Buffy da Bampire Flayer
"Princess Royale"
All this fuss about the return of the Prodigal Prince, and no one has bothered to learn how the Princess Royale (moi, Buffy da Bampire Flayer) feels about it. No they haven't!

Of course I was upset! Timmy never said a word to anyone before he left, didn't tell us where he was going, let us worry for days and days without so much as a mew.

Then nine days later he comes home smelling of "stranger danger" and everyone is surprised that I'm not welcoming him with open paws.  Come one peeples! I'm telling you, Timmy stank, stunk, stinked!

Plus, he was acting all weak, and you know what that means! I HAD to growl and hiss at him and give a bit to warn him to stay away from me.
Yeah, yeah, I admit he was skinny and sunken in at the eyes, and had those sores on his paws from trying to escape where he was locked in and CatMom had to take him to the vet to get well.

But, honestly, I sort of didn't recognize him. So, please don't judge me for being a cat! (a royal princess calico polydactal cat!)

Outdoor Cat Enclosure

I've decided I'm getting a "catio" built for my cats. Essentially it is a chicken coop for cats. Okay, let's be nice... a safety enclosure.

My boyfriend, Kats, also known as "the Monk" was going to build it but he had to have surgery on his cervical spine. He had brought over a metal pergola frame and set it up. But that was all he could do before going in the hospital.

With all the distress and anguish I went though while Timmy was missing, I just don't want to ever go through something like that again.

Getting this Catio built is expensive. But vet bills for cats who have been missing and need treatment is expensive, too. I've got to put my money to keeping my cats safe. It will also be an investment in my sanity. Timmy is not my only furbaby. I've already gotten some financial help from three people who wanted to help me. Thank you, dear ones!

I put the rest on my credit card. But. paying it off will be challenging but worth every sacrifice. I found a local contractor who builds "Cat Condos", and he will be doing the work. This is an example of something he built.

His name is John Pianavilla. His company is called Purr 'D' Cat Condos, located in Santa Cruz, California.

Sep 4, 2014

No Place Like Home

A note from MomCat: Timmy is so glad to be home. Princess Buffy da Bampire Flayer is finally being more tolerant of her wayward prince, and has stopped growling, hissing and chasing after him (well, not so much as before, that is.) 

Timmy da Timid Scallywag says:
"Dere's no place like home!"

I love cats because I enjoy my home; 
and little by little, 
they become its visible soul.

~Jean Cocteau

Aug 22, 2014

The Prince Returns

Queen Bambi here. I'm proud and relieved to announce that... ta da! Timmy's Home! Timmy's Home!! Yes, indeed the young prince has returned!!!
Last night our CatMom was determined. She had already done everything she could to find Timmy.

She posted and handed out flyers to the neighbors. She posted online to all the local sites. She placed an ad in the newspaper.

She drove up and down the streets calling our fine boy until her voice stopped. But all to no avail!

You know CatMom has a condition called leukemia. It makes her very tired and exhausted a lot. It was hard for her to get out and do all those things. She would have done so much more if she had been feeling more like her old self.

But, she is clever for a hooman. So she recorded her voice, calling Timmy, onto her cellphone. Then she set it to go off in her alarm clock app every ten minutes for three hours straight last night. She hooked it up to a speaker and aimed it out the window to play over and over again.

She knew if Timmy was anywhere in the neighborhood, he could hear it, and hone in on the location and find his way home.

And it worked!!!

Just a few hours later, I heard a thump about six o'clock this morning. So I jumped on the bed, waking up CatMom while I leaped up to the window to look out.

She joined me and called Timmy. Lo and behold! He answered!

Aug 21, 2014

How to Call a Lost Cat

I went to Kinko's and had a hundred Lost Cat postcards made.While looking up all the addresses on the streets surrounding my neighborhood, and writing them onto the postcards, I played the recording of my voice calling Timmy.

 I had previously recorded my voice calling him, high pitched and loud on my cellphone. I had been playing it whenever I was able to walk the neighborhood this last week since he's been missing. A couple times when I was too unwell to walk, I drove around the neighborhood holding my cellphone out the window playing the recording.

 But last night while writing up the postcards for three hours, I set my cellphone alarm to go off constantly, so that my frantic calling "Timmy.. Timmy.. Where's Timmy?" went off every three minutes. I plugged it into a cube loudspeaker. It may seem a lazy way to do it. But, calling out loud as if I were at a sports event cheering on a player is exhausting even while driving through the neighborhood!!! Besides if he heard me while driving, it would be confusing as to where I was located.

So, I got almost all hundred postcards labeled and stamped and out to the mail. Last night was productive! I'm hoping that wherever Timmy is he could hear me. If not, then my neighbors got a "cat serenade" in a new way.

Aug 20, 2014

Is Microchipping Your Pet Useful?

A very interesting thing happened today. I got an email from "HomeAgain" which is where Timmy's microchip is registered. 

It just so happens that my membership with them has just expired. Thank heavens they reminded me. I had forgotten I can enlist them to help find TImmy. So, I paid my membership fee, and now have filed lost pet report. 

A friend of mine who also gets Home Again reminders told me she got an email today with Timmy's lost cat information on it. Cool! It really does do what they say they will do.

Now the only problem is, when I spoke to the vet, he said he doesn't check the microchips on all animals that come in to see him unless he thinks the story of the pet owner seems fishy. For heaven's sake! Timmy is such an unusual looking cat, I would think he would realize just by looking at him that he's one of a kind! 

Hopefully this will help others! http://foundpets.homeagain.com/

Lost Cat is the Mailman's Friend

Kats told me that he spoke to the mailman today and told him my cat was missing. 

"Timmy?" the mailman said. He's going to keep his eyes open. 

Funny. He knows Timmy's name and Timmy gets no mail addressed to him. 

But, I betcha anything he knows Timmy quite well from being greeted everyday when he brings the mail. Timmy loves to sit in the kitchen window right where the mailman has to walk to get to the mail box. 

I learned a long time ago that mailman was a cat lover. Oh, I do hope some windowsill will have Timmy sitting on it tomorrow when he delivers the mail. Perhaps someone has thought TImmy was a stray and took him in.

Aug 19, 2014

Placing an Ad for Lost Cat

I just drove over to the local newspaper office and placed a classified ad for $25.

 It will run for a month. Bonus? It will be accompanied by handsome Timmy's photo!

Buffy is missing her sweetie as much as I am. Now she clings to me. Perhaps worried I will be gone, too. This is an old video I took of the when they were both younger.

Canvassing the Neighborhood for Lost Kitty

I was unable to canvass neighborhood today. But, Kats took some of the flyers I made and went door knocking and handing them out. 

Got a call later from a neighbor just to touch base and let me know she's keeping her eyes open for Timmy. 

Right now, I wonder if he is even in the neighborhood anymore. His vet says, he could be anywhere. Though most kitties don't travel too far from home. Occasionally they are found quite a bit away. I worry!

Aug 17, 2014

Placing Lost Pet Ad in Craigslist

Today I posted a Lost Pet ad in Craigslist out of desperation that someone nearby might read it and have seen Timmy. Will it work? I hope so!

A friend of mine even opened up a facebook page to follow up.

Aug 14, 2014

Lost Cat Watsonville California. Please Help!

Reward for finding my odd eye white cat. Watsonville near Bridge Street off Bronte. Call 831-7869795 if you see him. Check your backyard and garage just in case he is injured. Tuesday morning Aug 12, I discovered that Timmy was missing!

I have a "cat flap" that leads from the laundry room to the garage. The cats like to go hang out in the garage climbing boxes and shelves and seeing who can be highest. Timmy was the king of the castle in there.

I can go out the garage back door to get into the back yard. I didn't realize the latch on the door was not all that secure. Apparently the last time I went through, the latch did not click.

There's a bird feeder out there. I know the cats always like to watch the birdies from the many windows in that door. So the temptation of going through that door when it was not properly latched would have been strong.

The fence to the neighbor on the right is within 5 feet. The neighbor in the back (20 feet?) feeds birds on her patio floor.

The temptation, I'm sure, might have been stronger than his fear. Unfortunately the next neighbor over had the carpet cleaners there that day. BIG NOISES! I imagine that's what scared him further away. There's also construction going on in the neighborhood.

I am going out of my mind with worry. I have leukemia and though my chemo pills keep the disease at bay, I have little stamina. I made flyers. I went door to door for about seven houses and talked to each person there. The heat got to me and I had to go home to rest.

That evening I went out with a neighbor and we were able to do a few more houses. But, it was still quite challenging for me. Today I have a doctor's appointment and need to save my energy to drive there and see her. I cannot live my life any other way, but to measure out how much energy I can use at a time.

I am wracking my brain trying to figure out ways to get him back. I've posted in all the Watsonville (California) Facebook groups about the situation and asked for help. I've been to the local shelter and filed a lost kitty report as well as posted flyers in English and Spanish. I've notified my local vet's office, dropped by another vet's office and gave them a flyer, too. Now, I'm posting this. Please share with others. Call me at 831-786-9795

Yes, Timmy has a micro-chip. He's neutered. Doesn't have a collar. He always chewed them off or got them caught in his teeth.

Aug 12, 2014

Cats In Heat

We wuz all lying around enjoying da warmth today.
Den we decided to share the secrets of kitty happiness... HEAT!!!

Queen Bambi says,
Direct Sunshine while walking the garden.
Indirect Sunshine while sitting in the doorway.
Indirect Sunshine from behind the screen door.
Direct Sunshine while rolling on mother earth.
Direct Sunshine while rolling on the sidewalk.
Indirect Sunshine while lying on the sun warmed carpet.

Buffy da Bampire Flayer says,
Electric blanket heat while lying upon it.
Electric blanket heat while lying beneath it.
Electric heater heat while backed up to it.
Electric heater heat while nose to nose with it.
Gas heater heat with belly exposed.
(Of course that means scorched fur!)

Me? Timmy da Scallywag? 
What I say?

Da ONLEE best heat place is snuggled up beside my MomCat.
Da ONLEE second best heat place is snuggled up beside CatDaddy.
Him gives da bestest ear scrubs!

Aug 10, 2014

Time to Wake Up

We were anxiously awaiting for CatMom to get out of bed.
Seemed like she had been resting all day!

I guess her working in the catnip garden with Queen Bambi yesterday tired her out!

I, Timmy da Scallywag (previously da Timid), stands in doorway and repeetedly gave my best “it's time get up” yowls! But she just snuggled deeper into her pillow!

Why she do dat? She not appreesheeate my singing talents??? Bambi sez nope. She sez it cuz my singing voice is too squeeky. How cheeky of her to say that... even if she is the queen! But, methinks might be troo!

Buffy gets to go lie down on CatMom's bed all da time. In fact that exactly where Buffy is ALL da time. She never move! She just one big lump of cat fur. Usually she not move. But when we came in to check on mommy dis meowning, Buffy gave us da Evil Eye and Low Growl!

But da Queen, she not put off by da stare down! Bambi, she got real sneaky! She slinked under the bed, then stood on her toes and nudged CatMom's hand which was hanging there just waitin' for it. But, Buffy wasn't about ta let us wake her up. Buffy ran right across Mom’s belly to challenge Bambi. Thwomph! Thwomph! Thwomph!

See what I means? Is dat not the Evilest Eyes you ever saw?
So, Guess what happened next?

We were, ALL three of us, put out of the room and the door shut in our faces! How could CatMom do that to her precious furbabies? Later she got up and finally tried to give us attention. But you can have the satisfaction of knowing, we were having none of that!

Jun 15, 2014

Timmy Remembers the Young Feral Kittens

Since da weather has been nice, MomCat has been letting Queen Bambi go out in da garden with her. Bambi is a Wild One! But, me and Buffy would rather stay inside where it's safe. Today, we watched Bambi through da window. She wuz rolling in da dirt! Phew! You wouldn't believe how she smells when she comes back inside! Ya'd neber know her wuz a Queen!

She tells us dat Shadow is outside buried deep in da dirt and she always goes over to his rock pile to say hello to him. But, Buffy and I know dat even though Shadow's body is buried, he is not dere because he left for da Rainbow Bridge. And who knows? Maybe he is already back into his new life as a kitten again. We sure hope he will be a healthier one this time.

Dat's Buffy an' me sniffin' da door
It was two years ago when we first realized CatMom had brought home Shadow and his brother, Pinky. We had our nose at da door of the room day was in. We could smell der sweet kitten smell, and were so curious. We wanted ta get in der and check them out. But, CatMom was very protective of dem. She dint want us to scare dem.

Dis is Shadow and Pinky when dey first came ta live with us. They were about six weeks old at da time. Ain't dey da cutest widdle kitts ya eber did see?

We sure do miss those widdle guys!

Jan 14, 2014

A Queen's Preogative

I really got annoyed with my momcat last night. First, she didn't give me fresh water, just that old stale stuff from yesterday.

Then, I really wanted canned food. I like the dry food, but my tummy wanted the soft stuff, and no matter how much I MEOWED and YEOWLED, she just pretended she didn't know what I was talking about. I ended up having to eat the dry stuff! And she put it in that glass again. She says so I will not eat so fast. She says so I will lose weight! How insulting momcat is!

THAT is no way to treat the Queen of the land! If I had any other servants besides her, I would be able to get my point across more quickly.

As it was, I was quite disappointed. She tries, but she is an idiot. How many times do I have to say, "fresh water" before she gets the hint?

I have repeated it and repeated it over and over again, and she just turns a deaf ear! Then, she is pouty when she picks me up and I don't want to be held.

If she can't do what I want, why should I be nice to her? Okay, so I'm being very grouchy today. But what is a royal purrsonage to do? I am going to go lie on the bed and look beautiful as usual.