Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened

Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened


Happy Cat Lady

Happy Cat Lady

Dec 28, 2012

The Day After Chris Mouse

I must say, I'm a bit miffed! How could she leave us alone for three days? How dare she? The Queen is not happy!!!

On the other paw... she did leave us well supplied with Nepeta Cataria You know the delicacy... the beautiful green with the fragrance of heaven.

Ah.... Yes, indeed!

And she left us with fresh litter to make our toilette sweet and tolerable... you know the stuff. Of course, you do. And lots of clean water and nibblets galore.

And in the middle of the night The Chris Mouse came to visit and gave me my birthday present!!!
I'm now the age of... Well, never mind! A lady cat never reveals her age. Well, at least... not this one.

So, now she is home and we cuddle in bed while she sleeps

Dec 27, 2012

Mutual Cat Appreciation Society

There's nothing better than returning home to four loving Cats 
*who are so glad to see you that you can't walk anywhere without one of them rubbing against your legs, *who all want to sit on your lap, 
*who wont let you go to the bathroom by yourself, 
*who line up on your body like dead weights when you go to bed, to make sure you don't disappear again! >^..^<

Dec 9, 2012

Queen Bambi's Adventure

I was such a naughty girl today! Santa Cat is not going to like that, I'm sure!

I love to waits by the front door whenever anyone comes in or goes out. I have practiced sitting back and pretending that all I am interested in is greeting people when they arrive. But, today I made a run for it!

It is fruitless for Mom to call me. Why does she think I would come to her when I've just gotten my freedom to be naughty?

I likes to roll around on the sidewalk and in the dirt I just runs away and laughs at her. It reminds me a song I once heard: "You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man".

But, Mom, she surprise me. Unlike other times she didn't bother to come outside and frantically try to get back into the house. That's always been part of my fun in escaping.

Today, Mom just gave up and let me go roll on the sidewalk and run around the side yard and leap over the fence. Well. I mean, I couldn't leap over the fence this time. In fact I couldn't even climb it. I've gotten a little too much extra fluff on me to be able to do that! So annoying! Mom calls me her "Butterball". Today Mom said she wasn't going to waste her time trying to tempt me to come in. She didn't even go open a can of food and tap on it with the spoon. She said she wasn't going to "participate in such a fiasco" and Can you believe it? She shut the door on me!!!

That sure put a damper on my spirits. After all, half the fun of running out the door is getting Mom to play with me. I really make her work for it, too. Really make her have to go after me and entice me. It's always fun to see what she will do.

She always circles around behind me, always goes to great lengths to pretend she's not after me. Just as soon as she gets near me, I run for the bushes. Then she comes to the bushes and gets down on her hands and knees kissing the air and begging for me to come out. I act like I'm going to come to her. Just when she has her hand right near me, I run right past her! "Ha! Ha! You can't catch me I'm Queen Bambi!"

You should see her trying to get up from behind the bushes! Tee hee!

Now, now... don't go worrying about me. I'm not going to run away. Not really! I'm not going to run down the street like that time in the middle of the night when Mom followed me into the neighbor's yard wearing only her nightgown and bare feet. She fell down when I ran up the tree and I felt so sorry, I have never done that again. Plus, as usual those doggies next door set up to barking like banshees whenever I'm outside. I can't figure out how they know! Maybe it's the jingle bell on my collar?

I hope Santa Cat will give me some extra points for being a good girl. I didn't stay out long this time. My mousemates followed me from window to window watching me, and it was no fun without Mom. So, I came back to the front door and meeowed to come in like a good girl. I didn't even roll in the dirt either. That should count for something.

Ever since I came back in I have been following Mom around the house, and climbing up on her every time she sits down, and rubbing my face all over her to let her know I'm sorry for distressing her. I can't promise not to do it again. But, I did want to make it up to her by giving her all that loving.

Dec 5, 2012

Honoring the Mouse

by Timmy da Timid

In my mouth
that's where he belongs,
or dancing on my paws, tight in claws,
or flipped in the air, tossed so high.
I smack him across the room,
my best friend, Mousie.

Caught in a corner somewhere,
we play hide and seek.
"I found you! I found you!" I mew
when I hear him squeak.
Oh, my mousie, my favorite thing!

I drop him into my water bowl
he might be thirsty, you know.
or maybe he'd like to swim
I sniff my mousie and lick him,
and take a nibble or two.
but I won’t chew.
I'd have no one to play with,
I would miss him.
Wouldn't you?

I like to carry him tightly in my teeth
and hide him beneath the curtains,
under the rocking chair,
or by the front door.
So, when people come in
they squeal in surprise.
I think they like mousie as much as me.

But, I don't want to share.
I take him behind the sofa
where he can sleep,
way in the back to safely keep,
so the others won't find him,
and they never do.

Mousie has hard little eyes
a missing tail,
scrunched up fur
all sticky from play.
He has no more whiskers.
I don't know where his ears went.
They just disappeared one day.
Really, and truly.
I didn't eat them. I swear!
They must be hiding
somewhere over there.

In the middle of night,
with the moon shining bright,
we are alone, Mousie and me.
Running back and forth we play joyously.
Leaping and scrabbling across the floor
we tear up rugs, throw pillows with glee.
Then, slide into the kitchen,
where he hides from me
under the fridge just out of reach.
I stretch, and poke until my friend
is in my clutches again.

All tired out, I carry Mousie
to my bed, roll on top of him
to hide and protect him
to get myself comfy
and purr him to sleep.
I dream of him and me playing.
Oh, how I love my Mousie!