Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened

Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened


Happy Cat Lady

Happy Cat Lady

Sep 27, 1989

Wild Magic

Magic is all wild today. Maybe he missed us being gone all day yesterday? Or is something else wrong. Can't seem to calm him down. Meowing and crying a lot, pet him and he goes to the door. But, when opening door for him, he wouldn't go out.

We had gone to Turkey Run State Park, and got lost on the way. We never found the waterfall we had been looking for and took all day to get back home. A

Sep 23, 1989

Magic Window

Saturday, Sept 23

Took X to doctor to have stitches taken out. He wanted to keep using his brace for a while, and doctor said not necessary, but agreed. Then we managed to forget the brace anyhow. Went to store to pick up a few things and give X some freedom to walk. His incision bled. Maybe he should have kept the brace on after all. Doctor was wrong. It still needed protection.

Big winds last night knocked down a lot of birch branches, so we had another ritual tonight. Magic watched from window but wouldn't come out.

Sep 22, 1989

Equinox with Magic

Friday, September 22

Began an indoor ritual with X. Used`bright colored candles of his choice. Had him write a equinox wish and burn it in cauldron. (He wants a girlfriend). Gypsy kept jumping up and walking around the burning candles, just like her sister, Raven used to do. I kept putting her down but she kept coming back

About 8:30 got him to bed and went outside and totally blessed and protected the house yard and garage from intrusion by entities, usuing incense all over. Lit an equinox fire and burned birch branches from front yard. Magic followed me around. Guess both the cats have their own special interests in Equinox

After all the ill health and surgeries for both me and X we need things to change around here.

Sep 9, 1989

Lightning Cats

Saturday Sept 9

Big rains today. X was afraid to do dishes during the lightning.

KK called, said she was standing in Kit. and her LR filled with lightning. I don't doubit it one bit. I think it is called Ball Lightning the way she described it.

Gypsy meowed a bit whenever the thunder hit. Magic sat in the window watching the flashes, as though he thought to catch some, he would put his paw up once in a while in anticipation.